Our Approach

Virginia Framing Construction being a small, family owned company has been proudly serving clients for more then five years. We still admire how we are capable of handling most jobs.

Our goal is to work with your budget, in order to build your dream. We ensure we focus in every detail no matter how small they may seen. This turns the outcome better than imagine. VA Framing manages to take this objective by not over taking projects that can not handle.

Our Story

We have come a long way from where we started, says Mr. Hernandez. We started off building some deck, small projects here and there. It was not easy, but my passion for the construction, the satisfaction seeing my  clients happy, makes my work rewarding. Virginia Framing takes a lot of pride in getting our client the final result. Seeing them amazed by how there home turned out and how something they envision came to life. "It with great pleasure that I can say I have a business that not only love what we do but the homeowner who trust use to work in there home"- Jose Hernandez

Meet the Team!

Virginia Framing Construction is a small family owned business. Our company being a small company makes our clients feel right at home. There are some of the face you will come across when hiring us in the future.

Here is My Story

Founder & CEO

Hernandez family has been building our small company with love and honesty for more then 7 years.  Jose has been passionate with construction work since the age of 15. Mr. Hernandez fell in love with the process that take a dream, transforming it to reality. Jose takes his client as one more family member.

Jose Ignacio Hernandez

Project Manger

Ingnacio believes that a foundation to a great business relationship depends on the honesty, integrity and character is the key. He is capable to mange all project, small and large, Ingnacio enjoys solving problem and working with the team. He also has a strong aptitude for teaching and enjoy mentoring other. Ingnacio has a strong passion for costumer service, that he makes our client comfortable.

Next Steps...

Now that you know a little who's be-hide this small company gave us a call .............